Land Management


Does your land need work from some extra heavy equipment? We have the dozers and the crew to help!

Brush Removal

Kite Solutions specializes in brush removal and management. We will clear your land of unwanted brush and haul it away.

Weed & Plant Removal

Northern California has a wide variety of non-native plant species. We specialize in removal and control of these invasive species.

Fire Breaks & Wood Removal

Fire prevention is the key to keeping your structures and people safe. Kite Solutions can clear your property of dry debris and fire fuel, creating a natural fire break and maximizing defensible space.

Orchard Removal

Do you have trees and timber that need removing from your property? Kite Solutions is licensed under the Forest Practice Act Law (Lic. #A011779) and is authorized to cut and remove trees according to the legal directives.


Need help clearing your land and removing those giant trees? Kite Solutions is here to help!

Construction Cleaning

Need help clearing the debris from your construction site? The Kite Solutions team is ready to haul debris off your site and dispose of it safely, saving your team time and money!


Kite Solutions is available to level your land, getting it ready for your next project. Before the grading work begins, our team will assess your needs to ensure proper leveling and site preparation.

Invasive Species Removal

Blackberries, while delicious can be considered a highly invasive plant. It is important to keep this hearty thicketed shrub in check. If left unchecked it can easily take control of a large area of land. With the right experience you can curb and even eradicate it from your yard, pasture or lot but it takes vigilance and the know how. Kite Solutions can step in and handle your blackberry shrub issues.

Fire & Natural Disaster Cleanup

After a wildfire your property may need cleaned up and burned debris removed. We have you covered. We also have licensed contractors who work with us to rebuild damaged or destroyed structures.

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